Lawsuit against FitBit Challenges Accuracy of Readings

April 2, 2016

A lawsuit submitted against Fitbit, the designer of fitness tracking devices, has challenged the accuracy of their readings, claiming that they are misleading consumers. The class-action lawsuit, filed in February 2016, alleges that the devices do not live up to their advertisements that they will properly monitor the wearers’ heart rates. The lawsuit addresses the danger of depending on false readings, which could result in incorrect heart rates. Fitbit countered that the devices are not designed to provide scientific data.

Claimants from several states have joined together in the lawsuit. One man claimed that his device registered 25 bpm lower than his actual pace. A woman alleged that her Fitbit measured her heart rate at 82 beats per minute while her doctor measured it at 160 bpms. The misinformation can cause undue stress, confusion about the user’s actual health or a false belief that a user is meeting exercise goals.

Although other companies have invented devices to track the heart rates of users, Fitbits are the bestselling brand in the world. The company has two separate products, which also measure sleep quality, calories burned and steps walked. Both devices, the Surge fitness watch and the Charge HR wristband, use a “PurePulse” sensor, measuring blood volume using an LED.

Fitbit marketing strategies have included website claims that owners can check their heart rate and slogans, such as “Know your heart.” Even so, the company has denied the merits of the lawsuit and plans to mount a strong defense. They further added that they provide ongoing tracking of a person’s heart rate to help customers reach their fitness goals.

The current lawsuit comes on the heels of a 2014 lawsuit against Fitbit that claimed the devices caused consumers to get rashes.

When a consumer product does not live up to its sales and marketing claims, consumers have the right to file a lawsuit against the company. If you have been the victim of a defective product, contact our law firm for seasoned legal representation. We can provide you with additional information on your rights.