Orange County Attorney Larry Bellomo

When it comes to lawyers, you have choices. I know this, you know this. So why should you choose me?

Smart consumers make important decisions based upon three factors: track record, reviews and budget.

Track Record

I have made it my life’s work to serve the Orange County community in all matters related to Family Law and Bankruptcy. For over 36 years I’ve been in the business, and enjoy the great precedence for success I have left behind.

My allegiance is to my clients, and that can mean any number of things. From fair mediation during divorce proceedings to aggressively defending a family’s right to keep their child. From pragmatic debt analysis and recommendations to heated battles with credit card companies on behalf of my clients.

I’m of the belief that every legal case deserves my full attention, and it’s through this philosophy that I now have so many satisfied past clients.

Yelp loves LarryReviews

Good thing for both of us, my reviews speak for themselves. You can check out my flawless 5-star record on Yelp here. I don’t pay for rating services like and Martindale – for one I don’t believe that paying for a 5-star rating is honest and two, I’ve never needed to! My clients come to me by way of recommendations, both personal and through legitimate reviews like those on Yelp.

If you’re not convinced I challenge you to dig deeper, I bet you won’t find anything negative!


I’ve always desired to offer the greatest value for my clients dollar. I don’t squeeze hours or waste money on paperwork that is better suited for my experienced legal secretary (so that I can pass those savings directly onto my clients). Frankly, I like to stay busy. I’d much rather work long days serving more clients than swing shorter ones by over-charging.

Every dollar I have billed is a dollar that went directly towards resolving the legal issue at hand. When it comes to Bankruptcy and Divorce matters that generally means my clients save money by not getting forced into exuberant payments and fees (either by their ex-spouse, debt collectors or some other financial pit).

It’s for this reason also that when possible (particularly with bankruptcy) I’m able to offer flat rates. No one comes out surprised and everyone wins.

Let me prove my value with a 100% FREE consultation

I want to show you that I can solve your legal issue. Call, message or e-mail today so we can setup a personal, no obligation consultation. No obligation means you can walk out guilt-free and not feel compelled in any way to hire me.

Just testing the legal waters? That’s fine, I’m happy to offer guidance. But I can’t help you unless we sit down together and go over the details of your unique situation. Trust me, you have nothing to lose. If you think you might need legal help, waiting longer is never the right option.

To speak with me or my legal secretary, or to setup your free consultation, call my office at (949)380-3030 or send an e-mail to (or just go to this page).

I very much hope to have the opportunity to serve you!


Lawrence P. Bellomo, Esq