Elvis Presley granddaughters taken into protective custody

March 20, 2017

Lisa Marie Presley claims that upsetting photographs of young children have been found on a computer that belonged to her husband, Michael Lockwood, resulting in the placement of her 8-year-old twin daughters into protective custody. Presley and Lockwood are separated. Presley reportedly found inappropriate video film and numerous photos on his computer. In court documents filed in Los Angeles on Feb. 7, she expressed her outrage at the alleged discovery.

The twins are in the care of California’s Department of Children and Family Services. Presley has requested that the court refuse Lockwood’s request for $100,000 in legal fees and $40,000 monthly in alimony based on his reported possession of the pictures. The incident affected her emotionally, thus providing a rationale for denying the monetary claims, according to her attorney.

The Beverly Hills Police Department indicated that that child abuse allegations stemmed from incidents that occurred in Tennessee. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation apparently seized different items prior to June 2016. However, the BHPD added that the TBI had not filed a case related to the matter.

Presley further indicated that her previous business manager did not pay taxes; as a result, she owes millions of dollars in delinquent taxes. She explained that the business manager and Lockwood purchased large items without her permission. She also pays for two full-time nannies along with the expenses for the girls’ private school. Presley resides with an older daughter in order to reduce her financial outlay.

Lockwood responded to the allegations, claiming that they were nothing more than a weak attempt at defamation. He further insisted that her statements were inaccurate but added that he would not seek revenge by painting her in a negative light. He categorically denied the accusations but did not make an additional statement regarding the matter.

In some cases, criminal activity of the other party might affect the payment of legal fees and alimony, reducing your financial responsibility. Emotional distress might also impact your divorce case. A competent family law attorney can provide you with further information on the financial implications for your specific situation.