OCC student suspended after recording professor’s anti-Trump rant

March 10, 2017

A 19-year-old freshman at Orange Coast College in California was suspended after he recorded his professor criticizing President Trump in December 2016. The student plans to appeal his case; if the school refuses his appeal, he has indicated he will file a lawsuit. The process involves an appeal through the proper channels at the college. If that doesn’t work, he will file his case in federal court.

The student was directed to apologize to the professor and write an essay stating why he made the recording. He was also terminated from classes for a semester and for the summer term. After the student recorded the video, he posted it on YouTube and then on the school’s Facebook page. His lawyer claimed that he was targeted as a conservative and alleged that the student’s civil rights were violated.

One professor observed that the school Republican had engaged in cyberbullying by posting the video. Another instructor commented that the posting was an effort to intimidate instructors and was politically motivated. The chairman of Republican Party of Orange County categorically denied this claim, further stating that that the school was limiting the young man’s freedom of speech. He labeled the school’s actions as an attempt to trample the freedom of speech of the young man and again emphasized his support of the young man in question and of his right to appeal the case.

The young man allegedly received death threats after he posted the video. The female gay professor, 68 and a Latina, explained that she commented about the President in all three classes that she taught on human sexuality. She wanted to comfort students who were upset about the election and to direct them to resources if they felt discrimination. She was recorded stating that the election of President Trump was “an act of terrorism.”

Upper management at the college was reportedly investigating her statements, but it was not known if the school took further action in the matter or if they finished their report.

If you believe that your right to free speech has been violated, call us for assistance. We will review the facts of your case and provide you with counsel on a possible course of action.