Liberals ignited by Miss USA comments

June 10, 2017

Kara McCullough, crowned as the 2017 Miss USA in May, ignited controversy with comments on some hot button social issues. During a Q&A session in pageant, McCullough was asked her opinion on whether healthcare is a right or a privilege. McCullough argued that it was a privilege. In order to have healthcare, she says, we need to have jobs. She cites that her healthcare comes as a benefit of working for the government. Thus, in order to increase access to healthcare, people need access to more jobs. Her comments did not sit well with many advocates of healthcare as a right. They took to social media to decry her position.

The comments come as the United States Senate is debating a bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act, more commonly known as Obamacare. The Trump administration recently expressed openness to permitting states to add work requirements to younger Medicaid recipients. Trump owned the Miss USA pageant before selling it to a talent agency in 2015.

Additional controversy came from McCullough’s comments about feminism, downplaying her very use of the term to herself. She instead employed the word “equalist.” She views men and women with equal opportunities in the workplace. She cites the leadership of many women in scientific fields as an inspiration for her own career success. She runs an outreach program to provide education and tutoring to students.

While progressives remain pleased that the finalists for Miss USA this year promote diversity, the views of the new Miss USA have proven difficult for them. On the other hand, conservatives have balanced the temperament of social reaction to her comments. Many in right-wing media outlets have praised her accomplishments and her status as a strong role model for young women.

Prior to the Q&A section, McCullough was still a fan favorite and finalist among fan-submitted votes. Her crowning marks the second year in a row the representative of D.C. has taken home the title of Miss USA.

Numerous outspoken public figures have vocalized their views on liberal policies. When a newly recognized person brings a more temperate approach to the table, he or she sometimes experiences backlash. If you feel that your rights have been violated because you have expressed outspoken views, contact our legal team for support.