Drew Barrymore’s Divorce

June 19, 2016

Drew Barrymore, 41, and Will Kopelman, 38, have called it quits after nearly four years of marriage. In June 2012, the couple wed at Barrymore’s Montecito mansion and soon after, became the proud parents to beautiful daughters, Olive and Frankie. The pair seemed determined to make their married life work despite rocky pasts and busy schedules. During an interview in the fall of 2015, Barrymore shared how she and her husband compromised on numerous issues to make their relationship stronger. She expressed her option that compromise could benefit both parties. Unfortunately, their efforts failed to keep the couple together. Although their marriage has ended, Barrymore and Kopelman remain committed to co-parenting and staying a family.

Although Barrymore confessed that she and her now estranged husband are “polar opposites” when communicating their likes and dislikes, Barrymore respects Kopelman as a person and as the father of the children. The decision of where to live may have been one of the issues facing the couple who shared houses on both coasts – one outside of Los Angeles and the other on the Upper East Side of New York City. Barrymore’s schedule, including her acting, writing and producing career; her makeup line, Flower Beauty; her winemaking business, Barrymore Wines; and mothering two- and three-year-olds, keeps her overwhelmingly busy. Kopelman also boasts a successful career as an art dealer and advisor in addition to his role as a loving father. Sources mention that the now exes were headed in different directions and did not rush into this decision.

In an interview, Barrymore expressed the pain related to the divorce, stating that she feels like a failure. Her saving graces, her friends and fans, help considerably through this rough season of life. As Barrymore continues to put one foot in front of the other, at the advice of a longtime and trusted friend, she finds that life does go on. Looking forward to raising her children and enjoying her “girlfriend” time, Barrymore foresees an amicable relationship with Kopelman.

Children complicate a divorce as parents struggle to resolve their issues amicably. Larry Bellomo is an Orange County Family Lawyer who has practiced divorce law for over 30 years. For help with the resolution of parenting schedules and other family law matters, contact our law firm for assistance.