In situations when legal representation is warranted, a good attorney can be invaluable. Likewise, there are many legal matters which do not require a lawyer.

But the amount of time and money a lawyer can save you during your divorce, bankruptcy or other family need will almost always be worthwhile. You’ll receive quicker resolution to your needs, and there will not be the anxiety of wondering if you completed the process properly – the repercussions of which could include failed legal agreements, trouble with the IRS or in some cases even jail time.

No two legal situations are the same, and it is for this reason that prepackaged programs online cannot offer comprehensive coverage of your needs. Here are a few of the reasons to get in contact with a qualified lawyer, such as us at the law offices of Lawrence Bellomo, to help with your case.

1. Your initial consultation with us is free. The #1 reason you should make an appointment with us is that your initial consultation is 100% free and without any obligations. Have a legal matter that might warrant a lawyer? Avoid the guesswork – come in and talk to a qualified attorney about it. We are not salesmen, we will give you the cut and dry knowledge that you need to decide if your situation requires qualified help. It’s quick, easy, no pressure – and afterwards you’ll leave armed with the information you need to make an informed decision.

2. The law is complex. Laws which we are governed by are meticulously drafted by groups of professionals who literally make it their life’s work to write legislation. It takes years of formal education followed by many more years of practice before a good lawyer will become comfortable navigating the intricacies of the law. Additionally, there are precedent-setting cases which may apply to your situation – cases which only a knowledgable lawyer is likely to know and be able to properly apply to your case. The only reliable way to cover yourself is to hire an attorney like Lawrence P. Bellomo – with well over three decades of experience under his belt, Lawrence P. Bellomo has an intimate understanding of the law as it applies to bankruptcy, divorce and family law – experience that he applies to every case that walks through his door.

3. Not having a lawyer can be expensive. Often those who attempt to avoid legal fees pay much more in the long run. If you intend to be the plaintiff in the case – we will generally build attorney fees into your case. If you are the defendant, then certainly losing the case can result in financial repercussions far greater than the cost of your defense. In either scenario, qualified legal representation is by and large the most economical solution.

4. Mistakes made now can come back to bite you later. There is a very specific procedure for handling legal cases, a process which no one will spend the time to inform you about. Missing deadlines or fudging protocol can get you and your case into serious trouble. Courts do not provide a representative to walk you through the process. At best you will spend hours sorting through the convoluted mess of information online. At worst you will make a mistake and have your case thrown-out. A lawyer will take out the guesswork so you can rest assured that your case is in good hands.

5. The other party involved may have legal representation. If the party you are facing in court has legal representation and you do not, prepare for one of the most difficult uphill battles of your life. A lawyer will know how to challenge and sometimes suppress evidence. They’ll know expert witnesses and private detectives. They’ll know the legal procedure inside and out. They’ll know how to strike up deals with the opposition. They might even know the judge personally. When you seek the legal representation, it’s all these qualities and more that are included in the package. If you choose not seek legal representation, these same qualities can be pitted against you – in an arena that you are unfamiliar with.

All things considered there is only one clear option for an individual who finds themselves caught up in a legal matter: speak to a lawyer. Redeem your free, no obligation consultation with us and use the advice given to you by attorney Lawrence P. Bellomo to make an informed decision about your case. All-too-often the stakes are much too high to gamble the outcome of your case.

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