Cuba Gooding, Jr. Files for Divorce

February 28, 2017

Actor Cuba Gooding Jr. separated from his wife, Sara Kapfer, on March 13, 2014 due to irreconcilable differences. On January 19, 2017, he finally responded, filing for divorce. The couple has been married for 22 years. Gooding, 49, is seeking physical and legal custody of the pair’s daughter, age 10.

However, when the couple first separated, Kapfer asked for joint physical and legal custody. She also sought alimony. According to his divorce filing, Gooding is willing to pay spousal support as requested, but does not want that support to extend to any time after the initial separation. Gooding starred in the “People Vs. OJ Simpson,” which earned him a significant amount of money; he did not want her to lay claim to those funds.

The couple met in high school, and Gooding often spoke kindly of their relationship. After dating for seven years, they wed in March 1994. The pair has three children, Piper, Mason and Spencer. The two other children are no longer minors, so custody is not an issue.

The actor spoke highly of his wife on “The View” and shared fond recollections of how they fell in love in high school. He also suggested they might be reconciling when he appeared on “The Steve Harvey Show” in March 2016.

Gooding has starred in dozens of movies and television shows, including the 1996 movie, “Jerry McGuire,” featuring Tom Cruise. In it, he quoted his now famous line, “Show me the money!” His first credited acting gig in a movie, according to IMBD, was in “Coming to America,” starring Eddie Murphy. He played a boy getting a haircut. He subsequently had roles in various television shows. The actor’s additional well-known films movies include “Snow Dogs,” “Radio,” “Red Tails,” “Men of Honor” and Lee Daniels’ “The Butler.” He has demonstrated extensive versatility in his roles, playing in dramas, comedies, thrillers and more and calling on a wide range of acting skills to make his characters come to life.

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